Monday, October 31, 2011

Nice blog name, Jackass.

Congrats on finding my blog. I'm starting this for a few reasons:
1) I'd like write more and get my rear in gear in that dept.
2) As of this moment I've been unable to make a book group happen here in Olympia (at least one centered around books I actually want to read). Writing things down, like discussing them has always helped me form my ideas into something cohesive.
3) I've recently been asked to write a piece for a local free paper, since I had up to this point just written at I'd like to have a place to collect any and all my writtings as well as make a place for a few rants if I feel so inclined.
So, why the name Utterly Unqualified? It's a state I perpetually find myself in...and instead of having some stranger on the Internet point out "You have no idea what you are doing", I thought I'd get it out of the way.
I hope to make this blog moderately unreadable by basically by hitting topics that overall intrest a total of almost exactly 0% of the human race. Topics I will pontificate on may iinclude: Radical readings of the Bible, reflections on the state of the Church, Book and Film reviews/reflections, (mis)adventures in trying to live more sustainably, cooking (where you will most likely see me take credit via assosiation for the epicurian exploits of my amazing wife) and of course the manditory links post.

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